We are proud to specialize in tailoring courses very specifically to meet particular customer’s requirements: flexibility in course design and delivery is an important characteristic valuable to many of our clients. In addition, we have the ability to match training content and training resources – including aircraft – to best achieve the client’s specific training needs, coupled with the lower aircraft operating costs in Indonesia results in being able to provide world-class training at a price much less than that of the traditional military schools.

All the training in accordance with approved CAA standards. Those standards are directly based on the EASA standards, recently introduced to ensure a consistent level of training quality appropriate to the demanding work of the TP and FTE for which a student is being trained. Our training staff comes from a variety of civil and military backgrounds, exposing students to a very wide range of knowledge and experience. All test pilot instructors are Class 1 test pilot graduates of one of the major western test pilots schools and have many years of experience in industry and in teaching, while the FTE, Systems and Academic ground instructors all have extensive experience in the aerospace industry, procurement agencies and specialist centers of learning such as universities.

Civil flight testing:

  1. FAR and EASA certification
  2. High Risk Testing
  3. Aircraft and system development
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