The traditional training of test pilots and flight test engineers to top western standards has been primarily carried out by the major military schools in the USA, UK and France. Apart from the very high costs associated with flying military aircraft causing such training to be impractical, the training content in these schools is optimized for the military student and thus sometimes inappropriate for a foreign military or civil customer with different training needs.

We are working together with partner which specialize in this field to meet the highly specialized flight test training needs of domestic and foreign aerospace industries. Providing a spectrum of training courses ranging from the Class 1 graduate course for test pilots and flight test engineers through a wide range of short courses for test pilots, engineers, systems specialists, and program and projects managers. Very detailed and specific technical courses are also provided such as flight test instrumentation design and installation, flight control systems design and evaluation courses.

Civil commercial pilot training:

  1. Ab initio to CPL/APL
  2. Upset Recovery Training
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