Provide rapid launch of a range of weapon types, available in multiple launcher configurations to suit differing platforms. Lightweight Torpedo Launcher is capable of deploying NATO compatible lightweight torpedoes and can be easily configured to launch the US Mk 44, Mk 46 and Mk 54 torpedoes (subject to consent), plus UK Sting Ray and Italian A244S. It comes with an electronics suite of varying complexity depending on configuration and operational requirement.

Key Features

  • The system provides a close range, rapid reaction weapon launch capability which is designed to store, handle, load, pre-set and discharge lightweight torpedoes from the deck of surface vessels
  • The tubes are glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) composite for light weight, low maintenance and proven long life
  • Tubes are fitted at the ends with a breech mechanism and a muzzle closure assembly
  • Access ports (hatches) customized to the weapon type to be used, enable data connections and arming arrangements to be made up to the moment of launch
  • The electronics suite provides calculation of a Fire Control Solution predicting target position from Sonar and own ship’s data
  • Local and remote jettison facility
  • Fully environmentally tested
  • Trainable Launcher Mount in triple or dual configurations to meet the customer’s requirement
  • Stand-alone or integrated as part of CMS
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