• Savety and survival related equipment for the defence aerospace industry.
  • Aircraft component MRO and Technical Line Maintenance Services.
  • Technical Line Maintenance Services for commercial airlines operating to Malaysia. Also proovides aircraft component MRO services and Hangar-based MRO for civil airlines.
  • Specialise in component MRO for commercial airlines in the ASEAN region.



  • Service and maintenance of marine safety and survival equipment for maritime agencies.
  • Able to fabricate a wide range of vessels of up to 50 meters in length for maritime agencies as well as commercial marine companies.
  • Able to build self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboats which are highly in demand as it meets the highest standards of safety and survival.
  • Marine safety industry.



  • Tubular Running Services
  • Well Intervention
  • Well Abondonment & Field Decommisioning



  • Development of software system and in-house humen-machine interface system
  • Consultation, software development and training, conceptualisation, designing, building, operations and maintenance of IT equipment and electronic security services



  • Specialises in 2 principle activities-testing and calibration services as well as cylinder testing services for manufacturing, commercial and private sectors
  • Training and education consultancy company that has within its mission statement the passion to enable individuals and enterprises across Malaysia and Asian region to achive greater success
  • Produce marketable carbon black, oil and steel from discarded rubber product, especially tires