M39 Cannon

The M39 is a gas operated, electrically primed revolver type cannon. It fires M50 series belted ammunition with disintegrating links. The complete cannon assembly is contained in a steel welded cradle unit which incorporates aircraft mounting points at the front barrel entry position and cradle rear. It can be mounted in any position on the longitudinal axis to suit specific aircraft requirements and be fed from the right or left hand side.


AE20-NM Cannon

AEI have developed the AE20-NM Naval Gun Mounting as an up-to-date alternative to, and a bolt-on replacement for, the Oerlikon Type A41/A. The mount has been designed in-house, using the latest material technology, to give the maximum reliability demanded by arduous sea borne conditions. The AE20-NM is designed to accept the original and well proven Hispano-Suiza type 804 20mm Cannon, of which we probably have the largest stocks of complete weapons and spares in the world.

Where the customer demands ruggedness and reliability as the main criteria, rather than expensive and often unnecessary sophistication, the cannon and mount integrate to form an economical and compact solution, without sacrificing build quality. As a multi-purpose weapon, it is highly effective against surface, air and land targets, and is ideally suited as a main armament on fast attack boats and patrol craft or as a secondary armament on larger vessels.


Aden 30mm Cannon

The Aden 30mm gun is a gas operated, electrically primed revolver type cannon, perfected as a result of continued product improvement activity since its conception in the early 1950’s. The compact nature of the self-powered cannon makes it an attractive option for relatively simple on-aircraft installation, whether considered for fitting in an underwriting body pod, under fuselage blister or built into the main body. Mounting of the gun is possible at any angle through 360 degrees on the longitudinal axis to suit the specific aircraft installation requirement. Both left and right hand feed versions are available.